Jan 16, 2014
This morning above Ocean Beach, at Sutro Heights Park. Photo by Naz.

This morning above Ocean Beach, at Sutro Heights Park. Photo by Naz.

Jan 11, 2014



A personal project that shows random people on mountains and hills. The exposed image in the shadow of their silhouette is the view from the position they were previously standing in.

Dec 1, 2013

You Are The Friction, a new collection of short fiction and illustration from Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart, is out now. The trailer features a preview of Joshua Allen’s story and Scott Campbell’s accompanying artwork, is narrated by 99% Invisible’s Roman Mars, and scored by Tom Rosenthal. You couldn’t make an easier way for me to part with twenty dollars.

Nov 19, 2013
On the flight back to Berlin, I started asking myself the most exciting questions. Like: what if small is better than big, now is better than later, reckless is better than careful? I looked at the calendar, I took stock of my capabilities, and I concluded that this would just barely be possible to do before the end of the year. Barely possible is the best kind of possible, so now I’m here.
Diana Kimball, on why she’s launched a new Kickstarter project, Archive 2013: From the Mixed-Up Files of Diana G. Kimball
Nov 3, 2013
The way rejection tends to be handled by Californians, who are sunny in disposition and less brusque than East Coast residents. Instead of bluntly saying “no,” Californians say no by avoiding the question, forgetting to respond to emails, and generally postponing the issue. The best way to give a California no is to do nothing at all, as opposed to saying it outright.
The California no
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